Fermob Tablabri 63x35 Inch Table

$ 2,790.00

Brand Fermob

Chili Finish: Matte
Cotton White Finish: Matte
Fjord Blue Finish: Matte
Fuchsia Finish: Matte
Grass Green Finish: Glossy
Honey Finish: Glossy
Liquorice Finish: Matte
Aubergine Finish: Matte
Capucine Finish: Matte
Carrot Finish: Glossy
Cedar Green Finish: Matte
Nutmeg Finish: Matte
Paprika Finish: Matte
Plum Finish: Matte
Poppy Finish: Glossy
Russet Finish: Matte
Steel Grey Finish: Glossy
Storm Grey Finish: Matte
Turquoise Finish: Glossy
Verbena Finish: Glossy
Willow Green Finish: Matte
Linen Finish: Matte

The Fermob Tablabri Table is perfect for outdoor seating. Combine it with Plein Air chairs for a fun outdoor set.

Table & Parasol Weight and Dimensions

  • Table: 62.99 inches x 35.43 inches wide. 29.13 inches high
  • Parasol: 102.36 inches x 66.92 inches wide. 62.99 inches high
  • 92.59 / 105.82 Pounds

Product Specifications

  • Steel sheet tabletop 
  • Comes with Beige canvas table cover
  • Very High Protection Treatment Index 22 (cataphoresis) 100% polyester baked anti-UV powder coating
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Offered in 23 unique colors!

To place a special order for a color currently unavailable, please call 1-877-862-5762.